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Introducing vegan health coach Alex Walker

Alex is a passionate Health Advocate and lives a predominantly Raw Plant Based Lifestyle. He is an inspiring vegan health coach, who shares his vitality and joy through food, he also has a cracking smile and a wonderful, positive and uplifting personality.
We are so pleased to introduce you to him.
His vision is to inspire as many people as possible in a Healthy and compassionate way, through food, exercise and mindfulness. Alex believes that educating the next generation is the key to building a world of truly healthy, Powerful, thriving people.

A to Z of natural living. Letter B.

Hey lovely people, I thought it would be a great idea to do an A to Z of natural living, including remedies, ailments, healthy tips and idea, alternative therapies etc, I think this could be fun and I want you to feel free to add your own in the comments.

Today I bring you the letter B.



Backache affects so many people now, from sitting in offices most of the day to car journeys, sitting down a lot can increase the lack of moveable muscles in the back and the core is not properly supported. Not being aligned properly, having one leg shorter than the other, throwing you out of balance or an injury can cause back ache too. Sometimes stress and inflammation can make the problem worse. Read More →

10 suprising benefits of yoga

Yoga is so good for the mind and body, learning to be mindful and focussing on the breath, calms and relaxes you, your body gets stronger and more toned and flexible – whats not to love!

yoga1. Aids concentration

Poses like the tree pose (balancing on one foot) where you have to concentrate on not falling over and just focus on your breathing also help focus the mind in daily life.

2. Helps your love life

Increase in blood flow with regular yoga to your yoni or lingam and your increased flexibility will help increase arousal and desire according to the journal of sexual medicine.

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21 ways to nourish your body and mind

Love this chart, I found it on Pinterest 

How to nourish your body and mind, the other things I would add are good food and gratitude <3


January detox honesty special

Day 1 of bettering my health. (detox starts here)

We are ovo-vegetarians, no meat/fish, we eat our chickens eggs and honey from the allotment. No dairy, ( although when we stayed in a hotel we ate croissants for breakfast, so yummy but so wrong)

We used to be no gluten too but that slipped, (we love pastry and bread too much, sometimes make our own gluten free bread but this depends on being organised and having enough eggs and making puffed pastry from gluten free flour is almost impossible)

We have no toxic chemicals in our house or in our body/bath products ( we are really strict about this and have travelled miles for a decent bar of soap) we have come a long way in 5 years, stopping smoking, no drinking alcohol, no caffeine but we have gone no further. We have talked about how tried we feel and how Tom has aches and is cold a lot of the time, I have a bad lower back and hold onto weight around my middle. We realised we need to move up to the next level of health and wellbeing or its going to be a slippery slope of danish pastries and slobbing in front of the TV.

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