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Top 10 tips to enhance your health

” The European Union has admitted that 99 per cent of the volume of chemicals on the market are inadequately regulated, 21 per cent of Europes highest volume chemicals have no safety data publicly available and 86 per cent have less than the minimum amount of date publicly available to make even a basic safety assessment”

Taken from World-Wide fund for nature website

plastic labels

To help you on your way to living purer without toxins I have compiled a handy top 10 tips guide to enhance your health for you to browse through, if you can do all 10 then you get an A star but seriously even changing one thing makes you awesome and on your way to detoxify your body from years of nasty chemicals.

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Top 4 versatile herbs to grow

We love herbs here at Naked Wild and Free and have a lovely collection growing in our garden but we tend to keep going back again and again to the same few for cooking, medicinal purposes and to use on our bodies, garden and home.


Herbs are valued for their flavour, scent and healing properties. When you grow your own herbs you will save a lot of money and enjoy the benefits of having them at hand just by your kitchen. They are so versatile too!

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What is in your toothpaste? the truth about fluoride

Zahnpaste, toothpasteHave you heard of the effects of fluoride on your health? Probably not, but I bet you have heard by big brand toothpaste marketing campaigns about the lie they tell you ” fluoride is good for your teeth”

We are led to believe fluoride is good for our teeth, many famous toothpaste brands boast about how great it is, how it is essential for children’s teeth, the dentists recommend it verbally and have you seen all those posters in the dentist about why you need it etc.

I’m afraid it is not true at all, if you haven’t heard be ready for a shock – fluoride is very bad!

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An introduction to oil pulling

Oil Pulling
Whilst researching about teeth I came across lots of bad press for root canals, like breast cancer links and other nasty stuff, there is a lot to it so that will be another post. I started to look for alternatives to root canals and found out about oil pulling, a very curious ayurveda process. Read More →