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An eyeopening map of proposed fracking sites in UK


Are you aware of how much of the UK will be affected by fracking?
Look at your area, are you ready for contaminated water, they use up-to 600 chemicals?, gas coming out of your taps?

Look forward to nosebleeds, projectile vomiting, rashes, severe headaches, infertility, thyroid problems, cancer, neurological, pulmonary, gastroenterological, dermatological, immunological, hematological, endocrinological, ophthalmological, reproductive, and genetic illnesses and abnormalities.

Not to mention pet deaths, animal deaths and the environmental impact.
Find out more before its too late:

http://frack-off.org.uk/locations/ http://www.dangersoffracking.com/

Children naughty? have they had a fruit shoot?

Fruit shoots are marketed as a children’s soft drink, they are sold everywhere, offered by well-meaning parents in packed lunches and even given out on school trips. Not to mention the copious toddlers who I see with them hanging out their mouths whilst in the pram. I guess they are popular because of the bottle size, the ease in which to close and reopen the bottle and the fact it’s got ‘fruit’ in it. I am also amused by the low sugar claim on the bottle when although correct they omit to add ‘full of sweeteners instead’

fruit shot


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The benefts and many uses of coconut oil

We love coconut oil here at NWF, it really is the bomb!

We use it in cooking, on our skin, hair and oil pull with it too. Check out these handy posters for more uses and benefits. If you can buy organic coconut oil as its more pure.

coconut oil

How great and all from a coconut!

We also use coconut milk in curries, puddings and it is especially nice with porridge.


Its one of the best fats to cook with too as it doesn’t turn rancid when heated either.

What is in your toothpaste? the truth about fluoride

Zahnpaste, toothpasteHave you heard of the effects of fluoride on your health? Probably not, but I bet you have heard by big brand toothpaste marketing campaigns about the lie they tell you ” fluoride is good for your teeth”

We are led to believe fluoride is good for our teeth, many famous toothpaste brands boast about how great it is, how it is essential for children’s teeth, the dentists recommend it verbally and have you seen all those posters in the dentist about why you need it etc.

I’m afraid it is not true at all, if you haven’t heard be ready for a shock – fluoride is very bad!

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Eating fish and mercury poisoning.

What is the connection between eating fish and mercury poisoning?

A substantial portion of salmon sold today is from fish farms. Fish in fish farms are reared in large numbers in densely stocked tanks or enclosures in rivers, lakes or at sea in sea-cages.
Many farmed fish are fed largely on wild fish. To produce farmed fish such as salmon it takes about three times the weight of wild caught fish. This is unsustainable. Read More →