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How to enjoy life

How to enjoy life, a basic guide written especially for you.

www.nakedwildandfree.comBe grateful;

Gratitude is the biggest part of a life well lived. We need to be grateful for all the things we have now and stop living in a mind of lack or thinking when I am rich/have a bigger house/fall in love etc I will be happy and grateful.

When I wake up in the morning I am thankful I am alive, I am grateful I am breathing – how amazing are our lungs!. I am grateful for the warm bed and cosy blankets that have supported me all night, think of all the homeless people who last night slept outside in the cold. I am grateful for my feet and legs which take me to the bathroom, imagine how many amputees would give anything to walk again with ease!. I am grateful for my bladder that is has held my urine all night, think of all the folks who are incontinent. I am grateful for the awesome plumbing and toilet I am using, how miraculous that we have indoor toilets that actually flush our waste away. I am grateful for the hot water coming out of a tap, think of all those people who walk miles each day to collect water, or those who have to drink water from puddles and in contaminated rivers. I smile at myself in the mirror and am thankful I love myself, I am grateful for my hair, my face and my freckles that make me different from anyone else, how amazing that every single one of us is totally unique.

All of this gratitude and I haven’t even made it downstairs yet. So there is always something, right now you can be thankful for.

Look around you, what are you grateful for?

Start a gratitude journal and spend a few moments each day listing things you are grateful for. If you write 10 things a day that you are grateful for, that’s 70 things by the end of the week, 3,640 each year, if you did that for 20

years you would have 72,800 things to be grateful for!

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You are a miracle


Seriously, do it now.

Life is amazing, nature is amazing, we are amazing.

Believe that, know it and remind yourself daily how fantastic it is.

Some days feel crappy, some days feel really hard, sometimes life doesn’t seem fair but for everyday you are alive, that is miraculous.

The fact you are born, are alive and are breathing means you are a miracle,

you have had a successful day because you got out of bed, your body is functioning and you are reading this!

Best morning routine for health

What do you do when you wake up?, do you jump out of bed, rushing round to get ready, not really living in the moment but thinking more about the day ahead and what work you have to do? STOP!, wait a minute. This is no way to start your day, if you want a wonderful life filled with happiness and health you need to adopt a better routine.


So what is my morning routine?

Without fail, even if I have had a really crappy sleep I wake up and thank the universe that I am alive, I never used to do this but a few months ago in the middle of the night one of our dogs started being sick, I leapt out of bed, scooped him up (to take him to the bathroom) but because I was half asleep and dizzy I fell backwards onto the bed (thankfully my bum hit the mattress first) and whacked the back of my head on the solid wooden bed surround. In that moment I realised just how lucky I was to be alive, I was millimetres of the sharp edge of the wood, it could have been a fatal fall. We take it for granted we will wake up tomorrow, so I am thankful every day now.

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Do what makes you happy


How many people do you know stuck in jobs, places, relationships they hate? Are you stuck in one? Read More →

Happiness is…..


Rules to live by