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Natural Rose petal toothpaste

So after a day of making smudge sticks and crumbling up and jarring my dried herbs, I was looking on Pinterest for more wonderful things to learn and saw a link about rose petal natural toothpaste, this blew my mind! I have been collecting and drying rose petals all summer and have a jar full, just ready to play with, I followed the link and found so much more, I just had to share it with you!


                                                                              Some gorgeous roses this summer in a local park
Here is part of the blog post by Methow Valley herbs blog:


Roses as herbal medicine

It’s easy to fall in love with roses. They offer us beauty and can be an effective source of herbal medicine. This article looks at the many ways we can use roses for our health and beauty. From wild rose salad dressing to decadent facial cream to wild rose petal mead… read on! 

The exotic beauty and alluring smell of roses has enthralled humans for thousands of years. Roses have been found entombed with the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and were highly prized by the Greeks and Romans. 

The Chinese started cultivating roses around 5,000 years ago and in the late 18th century these roses spread to Europe where they were further hybridized.

Josephine, Napoleon’s wife, adored roses and strived to grow every known rose species in her gardens outside of Paris. Many credit her for the popularity of roses today. In the late 18th century Europe the rose was so highly valued it was used as a type of currency.

Wild rose petals about to be infused with honey.
A special treat that is also wonderful for sore throats. Photo belongs to Methow valley blog

Top 10 tips to enhance your health

” The European Union has admitted that 99 per cent of the volume of chemicals on the market are inadequately regulated, 21 per cent of Europes highest volume chemicals have no safety data publicly available and 86 per cent have less than the minimum amount of date publicly available to make even a basic safety assessment”

Taken from World-Wide fund for nature website

plastic labels

To help you on your way to living purer without toxins I have compiled a handy top 10 tips guide to enhance your health for you to browse through, if you can do all 10 then you get an A star but seriously even changing one thing makes you awesome and on your way to detoxify your body from years of nasty chemicals.

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Fluoride poison in our water?

I have just seen the news about the government here in UK considering rolling out Fluoridation across the UK, based soley on the standard Government line ‘Fluoride Strengthens Teeth’

Click here to read the petition to stop it happening.

Sodium fluoride is used in rat poison, toothpaste and pesticides, it is used to ‘dumb’ down society, Watch this video to find out more.

fluoride bookThere is also this really informative and eye opening book available. With the narrative punch of Jonathan Harr’s A Civil Action and the commitment to environmental truth-telling of Erin Brockovich, The Fluoride Deception documents a powerful connection between big corporations, the U.S. military, and the historic reassurances of fluoride safety provided by the nation’s public health establishment.

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What is in your toothpaste? the truth about fluoride

Zahnpaste, toothpasteHave you heard of the effects of fluoride on your health? Probably not, but I bet you have heard by big brand toothpaste marketing campaigns about the lie they tell you ” fluoride is good for your teeth”

We are led to believe fluoride is good for our teeth, many famous toothpaste brands boast about how great it is, how it is essential for children’s teeth, the dentists recommend it verbally and have you seen all those posters in the dentist about why you need it etc.

I’m afraid it is not true at all, if you haven’t heard be ready for a shock – fluoride is very bad!

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An introduction to oil pulling

Oil Pulling
Whilst researching about teeth I came across lots of bad press for root canals, like breast cancer links and other nasty stuff, there is a lot to it so that will be another post. I started to look for alternatives to root canals and found out about oil pulling, a very curious ayurveda process. Read More →