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Inspiring lives – Krystal Woodbridge, natural relationship therapist

I am so pleased to bring you another inspiring,

alternative life interview, introducing Krystal Woodbridge

Krystal is a nature inspired relationship coach and I am so pleased she was able to do this interview because we are passionate about people having the best relationship possible when they find their special love.

 Please tell our readers a little about your life, where are you currently living, family etc?

I live in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK, with my partner, Richard, and my 4 year old rescue dog, Theo. I spend a lot of time in Nature, and have been recently enjoying learning more about paganism. I adore camping and do it whenever I can. I play violin in a Celtic folk band – Celtic Krystal. I am quite active and love running – particularly training for and running marathons, and have 2 personal training sessions every week. I also enjoy snowboarding. I love tarot and rune readings, and am currently making my own set of rune stones from crystals. I love craft beer and fine wines. I love cats too. The barn owl is my totem animal – I have a large tattoo of one on my back.
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Relationship advice for couples

I have been needing to write this for a long time but didn’t want to sound preachy or like my relationship is perfect, it isn’t, we have some things to work on too, but I know at the moment among my friends there are at least 3 couples really finding it hard to communicate with each other to breaking point.

This is an open letter to you:

Dear couples,

I think communication is key and respect in relationships for each others boundaries, hobbies, friends and lifestyles is very important, also for the people we fall in love with. You become attracted to a person for a reason, you like they are powerful in their own being, you love that they spend time with their family, you like the way they have loads of opinions and interests but then over time, you want to change them, you want them to spend less time with other people and more time with you, you want them to have the same opinion as you or you think there is a problem, you don’t want them to be powerful in spirit anymore because you need to tame them or someone else will find them really attractive and steal them away from you, you don’t fully trust them when they go out in case they meet someone better than you, the list goes on and on, am I right?


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