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Amazing Kitchari to try right now

You know those days where you start reading about something and end up following links and suggestions to various other amazing posts?

Well that happened to me today, I was reading about eating healthily whilst living in a van (I have this obsession at the moment with running away from Blackpool and living in a van) and in the original post there was a link to this recipe, it sounds amazing and so tasty.

Here is the article and recipe from Alexa Nehter who is a yoga teacher, retreat facilitator and author of THE CLEAN YOGI

Kitchari is THE Indian cleansing and healing food. It’s a wholesome, nourishing dish especially for those who want to detox, yet also want to feel sufficiently fueled.

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Quinoa and coconut curry

Today I made this delicious lunch, my partner Tom has gone onto a low fodmap diet to try and sort out his gut, so we have been experimenting with food and trying new combo’s. I have only used quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) once before a long time ago, because its £5.99 a bag which is a lot when you are feeding teens and 2 adults, but with its limited foods for the diet we have bought some, so here goes:


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