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Home education to inspire you

Today I interviewed Antonia, a home educator, artist and printmaker from Lancashire, UK, and mother to Noah who is 5.


How did you start home education?

I can’t think of a pinnacle point, it was a long process for me to come to this final decision. I was certain I was going to home school but I did like the energy of the Maharishi Free School in Parbold so I put down his name for this and then whithnell fold as a backup just incase. I was called from Withnell fold a few weeks before school start date telling me Noah was 1st on the waiting list and he has a place, on the phone I hesitated to say, no thank you I’m homeschooling.

Where had my confidence and assertive belief in this decision gone? I had to give an answer by the next day. And in this time I was unsure, with that unsure energy I doubted myself and if I could give Noah everything homeschooling him on my own and just starting out self-employed? Would I be better getting my act together and a regular income together before I homeschooled him?

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