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Go to the doctors? Never!

Go to the doctors? Never!

While her friends pop endless pills, a defiant Liz Hodgkinson, 70, insists going to see your GP can do more harm than good: original post written by Liz Hodgkinson on Daily mail newspaper.

Because I am old – or, at 70, what the medical profession considers old – I am constantly bombarded with screening kits and invitations to go for this or that expensive health check.

I also regularly receive texts or emails from my local doctor’s practice for various annual tests, plus the flu vaccine and checks on my cholesterol levels. And they don’t just come from the NHS. I also receive letters from private health companies inviting me to go for an ‘essential’ health check.

And do you know what? I ignore them all. The bowel cancer kits I receive from time to time go straight into the bin, and I have never in my life had a mammogram or smear test, even though I am always being coerced or even bullied into making an appointment to do so.