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Homeschooled teenager going to college

Before I went to college I was terrified. I practiced what I thought I wanted to do (which was art). But I was still terrified as I didn’t have any GCSE’s at all. My lack of GCSE’s made me fear that my maths and English skills are not good enough and that could prevent me from getting onto a course.
Then when it came to the time I went to the college open day in my area with my mum. And I’m not going to lie… I was shaking with fear. When we went into the college it was packed full making me even more scared. We went over to the table where the tutors who speak about art were and sat down. We asked about the tutors about the course and they said that I would have to bring in an art book and then take a maths and English test. I left feeling even more terrified.

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