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Feed your chakras

Have you heard of chakras? No it’s not some indian dish or a musical instrument!

Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit work meaning wheel. A chakra spins around like a wheel and draws in anything it encounters on a vibratory level.

There are 7 or 9 depending on who you ask, chakras in your body, they are colour coordinated to match the different area of your body. A chakra is an energy center that governs all your organs, they work separately on specific areas and also work together as a whole. Each chakra works on physical, spiritual, mental and emotional levels. Each chakra also has its own colour and a specific area it targets.

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Elderberries – fight flu for free!

Sambucus nigra or the black elderberry is a plant native to Europe, Northern Africa and parts of Asia

The elder tree is amazing, it’s a small to medium sized tree that can grow up to 10 metres tall. It is found in hedgerows, down leafy lanes and in dappled wooded areas. It flowers from May onwards and the black/purple berries appear in August.

It is a brilliant plant as you can use the flowers and the berries for culinary and medicinal purposes. Make sure the berries are ripe before using (a dark purple).

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