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How to heal eczema with essential oils

My boys suffered for a long time as little children with Eczema, especially around the backs of their knees and thighs, when we quit dairy there Eczema cleared up and hasn’t come back since, so I do believe a lot of skin complaints need healing from the inside out, start looking at what is going in your body and also what creams etc you are putting on your skin. I know the specialist eczema creams prescribed by doctors have an ingredient which actually causes the skin to dry out?! go figure that one. I use plain coconut oil on my skin and sometimes combine it with essential oils such as peppermint for a foot refreshing massage lotion.


How to Heal Eczema With Essential Oils

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The energy and healing power of trees

I love the energy from trees, in a nearby woodland I have a favourite sycamore tree, its strong and powerful and is surrounded by bluebells, I close my eyes and feel the bark with my hands, feet firmly placed on the floor I imagine the energy coming from the tree through my hands and body, down through my feet into the ground where it connects with the roots and goes back into the tree. This is a great little meditation to do, you can literally feel the stress drain out of your body.

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