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Foraging for beginners

Good ideas when foraging!
Learn to identify plants correctly and investigate all their uses. Many plants are not suitable for certain long term illnesses so make sure you check them out first.
Learn to identify the poisonous plants in your area. DO NOT EAT ANYTHING YOU CANNOT POSITIVELY IDENTIFY AND DEEM SAFE.

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Fight colds and flu naturally

Before getting to the natural remedies for colds and flu, I want to explain to you how medicine works, let’s say for example you feel full of cold and have a sore throat, runny eyes, mucus etc.
You go and buy a packet of Lemsip to make you feel better.

The packet says:
“For fever, headaches, body aches, blocked nose, sore throat and chesty cough”
Contains Phenylephrine Hydrochloride, Paracetamol, Guaifenesin:

Let’s look at those ingredients:
The primary side effect of phenylephrine is hypertension (high blood pressure) and it can cause increased heart rate
Some patients have been shown to have an upset stomach, severe abdominal cramping, and vomiting issues connected to taking this drug
Side-effects of guaifenesin include nausea, vomiting, formation of kidney stones, diarrhoea, dry mouth, chapped lips and constipation
Paracetamol can cause your stomach to bleed if you take it regularly, liver and kidney damage too.

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High levels of mercury found in flu vaccine

We have been against flu vaccines and the flu nasal spray now pushed on small children and the elderly for a long time. It is so much healthier and better for your body to use natural remedies, build a strong immune system so you are less likely to get ‘flu’ and realise that these companies are only in it for the money and not concerned with your wellbeing, in fact the more ill you become the better for the companies as you will end up taking more medications. The last time I was at the doctors is about 7 years ago, just before I started on our more natural journey.

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