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Natural cures for depression without anti-depressants

Sometimes things happen in life which make you feel in a depressed state, this is completely natural and can happen to anyone, this does not mean you are clinically depressed, it just means right now, at this moment in time you feel low, such as:

Death of a loved one, friend, or acquaintance, health crises, financial woes, divorce or break-up, losing a job, underemployment, moving, children leaving for college or positive transitions laden with deep meaning, such as new jobs, weddings, births



Depression can effect anyone, no matter what age, gender or nationality. It’s a hard thing to describe unless you have suffered it yourself, it’s also a hard thing to understand. There have been many ways in the past of dealing with depression, a more popular one is being prescribed anti-depressant tablets. Read More →

Laughing yoga, what is it all about?

I went to a retreat yesterday at Blisslands and it was amazing as always, I learned so much, but the one thing that really got me happy was trying laughter yoga.


At first I felt really silly and a bit self conscious but Wes, the man who was running the workshop was so great at putting everyone at ease, we ended up having a great time, I tell you what though my cheeks hurts from all that laughing! So what’s it all about?

Well, laughter Yoga was started by Dr Madan Kataria in 1995.[3] It combines gentle yoga breathing (Pranayama), stretching, and simulated unconditional laughter.[4] When the laughter is practiced in a group setting, the laughter soon becomes genuine.[5] Some of the benefits from laughter and Laughter Yoga include:

Health benefits: The health benefits of laughter are extensive. After laughing, the positive effects of laughter last up to 45 minutes, benefiting the cardiovascular system and reducing blood pressure;[6] indeed, studies have shown that people suffering from heart disease are 40 percent less likely to laugh in many situations compared to people without heart disease.[7] Laughter even speeds healing.

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Eating fish and mercury poisoning.

What is the connection between eating fish and mercury poisoning?

A substantial portion of salmon sold today is from fish farms. Fish in fish farms are reared in large numbers in densely stocked tanks or enclosures in rivers, lakes or at sea in sea-cages.
Many farmed fish are fed largely on wild fish. To produce farmed fish such as salmon it takes about three times the weight of wild caught fish. This is unsustainable. Read More →