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Hearty vegan stew recipe

You know when it still cool in the evenings right before spring is truly here?

You need comfort food, something like a hug in a bowl, I have tried many times to recreate my mums beef stew without the beef and finally I have made this hearty concoction that fills the brief. Add dumplings to make it even better!

I give you my best vegan stew for 24p a bowl, whats not to love and I guarantee meat eaters will love it too – I tested some haha.

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10p vegan sausage recipe

Jack Monroe has done it again! How fantastic, vegan sausages (my youngest always argues if there is no meat in them you can’t call them sausages, no matter how many times I explain thats just the shape) these are great because they are easy to make, quick and cheap but still have wholesome ingrediants, although I would swap the cooking oil for coconut oil and probably omit the white bread and use spelt or wholemeal breadcrumbs.

When I made the 9p burgers, I didn’t use white flour, I had a blend of hemp, flax, chai seeds thats for sprinkling on breakfast, but I used that instead and it gave it a nice texture.

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From front garden to abundant allotment

All you need is a bit of space (provided you don’t live in a cave, in which case you’d have to settle on button mushrooms). Even if you have a small apartment or a small yard you can still grow quite a bit of food. You can even grow tomatoes in a small studio apartment. For those of you that have a moderate to large sized yard, follow suit on the picture story below. This is how to create REAL health security. It’s time to stop consuming and start producing!


This used to be a lawn.


It started with eight 6’x4′ raised beds with 1″x10″x10′ reclaimed redwood barn siding.

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