A guide to a healthy and toxic free life

Welcome to your full and complete guide to starting off on your journey of living without toxins and harmful chemicals.

This will enhance your health, and help clear up existing illness and disease.

You will also learn about your environment and how to live a cleaner and more pure life for you and your family.



Did you know that certain crisps have the same toxin in them as the lethal injection…?

or that certain shampoo ingredients can cause your hair to fall out!

Or how your laminate flooring could cause cancer and many more shocking and eyeopening facts

We will provide you with great solutions too of course.

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So how did I end up writing this eBook?

My eldest son was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum and having ADD and dyspraxia. The doctor was rather vague about this diagnosis and to be honest not very helpful but she was quick to prescribe a ‘cure’ in the shape of Ritalin. I had already read about the effects of Ritalin and other medicines given to children with ADD and ADHD, I knew the outcome wasn’t good all types of side effects including death!
I didn’t want my child on this horrible mind numbing medication but also didn’t want to live with someone who flipped out, had major anger issues, was violent and had no sense of danger. So I did the only thing I could and researched other options, I was surprised how much there was out there to harm our minds and bodies, many of which are in our foods and all have been passed by the food agencies and government as perfectly fine to consume.


I was shocked, outraged and felt overwhelmed by it all. I spent hours, days and weeks on the internet, reading books and researching all the different chemicals, additives, preservatives, E numbers, MSG, dairy, gluten, colours, flavourings, fillers, caffeine and much more.

That was 8 years ago and since then we have changed our lifestyles beyond belief, there is so much information out there, it’s overwhelming and time-consuming filtering through it all, that’s why we thought it would be helpful to write an eBook for beginners on how and where to make the best changes in your life for you and your family. Changing our diets and the products we use, really helped my son to manage his ADD and balance him out. I no longer suffer from asthma (after being on 2 inhalers since the age of 7), my other boys no longer have any signs of eczema either.

Toxic chemicals are everywhere and they are really bad for our bodies, they cause illnesses including asthma, cancer, ADHD and many diseases. By reading this eBook you will learn to live a more pure life free from illness and have optimum health and wellness.

At Naked Wild and Free we believe in living without toxic chemicals, eating clean food that nourishes our bodies and minds, living a purer life and sharing positivity to be the best you can be. That is why we have written this eBook to share all our knowledge with you in one place.



In this eBook you will find natural remedies, recipes, natural home cleaning guide, top 10 tips for lifestyle changes, subjects covered include food, DIY, home, bath and body, tooth care, heavy metals, fluoride, E numbers, various diseases and illnesses, going shampoo free, superfoods and much more.

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A copy will be sent straight to your email, thank you and good luck on your new journey to wellness x



‘Just invested in this eBook and I can say hand on heart that it will change the way my family lives our lives.  It was shocking to read about how the chemicals in everyday items can cause illness and dis-ease.  It really opened my eyes to the dangers all around us, you cannot rely on companies to provide things that do not harm either us or our environment.  Thank you!’  Lynne Myerscough-Newton

‘That is seriously one fantastic book, gives me a starting point in clean living, thank you so much for doing all that research and for sharing. BLown away! New lifestyle coming up!!!’  Paula Martyn


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