Is your non stick pan harming your family?

Per-or poly-fluorochemicals, known as PFCs, make up a multi-billion dollar family of chemicals that are widely used to make water, grease and stain-repellent coatings and for other purposes in all sorts of consumer goods, including non stick pans!. These chemicals are found all over in the environment and in our bodies, and some have been linked to serious health effects.
Teflon-Dangers-e1412130445259Image and loads more useful info from the The science of eating

Read the full info you NEED to know here and avoid these toxins that can lead to kidney and testicular cancer, high cholesterol, abnormal thyroid hormone levels, pregnancy-induced hypertension and pre-eclampsia, obesity and low birth weight.
DuPont (the company that makes the non stick coating) has been involved in a big lawsuit over alleged pollution by a chemical that’s necessary to manufacture Teflon. C-8, is used to smooth out PTFE, which can be clumpy in its natural state. Shown to cause birth defects in animals, C-8 is estimated to be in the blood of more than 90 percent of humans, although in levels below what is thought to be dangerous, according to recent studies. A farmers cows started dying and he thought it was to do with the creek they drank from, so sued DuPont and in the trial, it came to light that DuPont did dump C-8 into the creek and had been aware for 20 years that C-8 was potentially hazardous.
Not a very nice company for the environment or for us!
Whilst researching about this, I cam across this great article which shows differing viewpoints and pro’s and con’s of Teflon, have a read and then decide for yourself what is the best thing to do.
We now only use stainless steel uncoated pans and fry with coconut oil as it is stable at higher heats.


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