Introducing vegan health coach Alex Walker

Alex is a passionate Health Advocate and lives a predominantly Raw Plant Based Lifestyle. He is an inspiring vegan health coach, who shares his vitality and joy through food, he also has a cracking smile and a wonderful, positive and uplifting personality.
We are so pleased to introduce you to him.
His vision is to inspire as many people as possible in a Healthy and compassionate way, through food, exercise and mindfulness. Alex believes that educating the next generation is the key to building a world of truly healthy, Powerful, thriving people.
This picture was taken at his first trip to Rainbow City just over a year ago now, and the journey that he has been on has been totally AMAZING!!! Indescribable moments that he has shared with so many beautiful people. From physically improving his body to huge mental improvements too.
He says “It’s all about being the Healthiest person that you can be daily and that is not just the physical aspect, it’s also important for your mental wellness and approach to your own life, to be positive and those around you too. Being able to positively affect and influence many, many people through my social media is amazing. I recommend leading a more compassionate and healthy lifestyle by LOVING YOURSELF and eating quick easy and amazingly tasty Super Healthy Food, this makes me feel grateful for the journey that I have been on and I want to share it with the world to help and inspire others.
Tropical Power Smoothie which  is now available in the Amazing Tibits restaurant in Mayfair, London.

We asked Alex what can’t you live without?

I can’t live without my Vitamix, Travel and Love.

Alex what is your favourite quote?

“POWERFUL” is my favourite Quote for me as its mine!!!! lol does that count?

What advice would you give someone wanting to change to a vegan, healthy diet?

Just take small steps and don’t make it too complicated.
A simple smoothie can be very nutritious filling and Vegan.
Or make a simple fresh leafy salad you don’t have to make a raw lasagna or some dehydrated masterpiece.
One of Alex’s #SMOOOOVIE was this piece of Magic
Almond Milk, Omega 3,6,9 Oil, Frozen Banana, Distilled Water, 1 Medjool date and some Fresh Raspberries
You can follow Alex on facebook, check out his amazing foodie photos and videos on instagram or pop over to his website.
He also travels regularly giving talks and demonstrations throughout the UK. He speaks at Vegfest, rawfest and many other wonderful places.




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