Gut healing the vegan way

Gut healing the vegan way

We have bought a book about healing your gut  and it is really great but the thing it doesn’t tackle is, what if you are vegan?

Most of the time you read about bone broth being healing for the gut because of collagen, and I will be honest here, my partner has so much pain in his stomach at the moment we even considered for like 2 minutes actually using bone broth to fix him and then go back to being veggie, but then I thought I would look into it further to see what the alternatives are, because through this journey from meat eaters to veggie lovers, there is always an alternative, with a bit of imagination and some research you never miss out.

So this gut healing vegetable broth from Wallflower Kitchen is fantastic!

Pop over to her site for the full recipe and loads of information about gut healing and why she feels bone broth isn’t really that great


Photo owned by Wallflower Kitchen


It’s not only what we put into our bodies that gives us good digestion,

it’s an all round approach, so this yoga chart from

is really handy for giving your body some love outside and inside.

yoga Different postures in yoga can help your digestion and gut.

Back bends to stretch the abdomen, twisting to stimulate and massage the digestive tract, forward folds to compress the abdomen and increase circulation to digestive organs and focussing on the breath reduces stress and anxiety.


Green, vibrant smoothies for breakfast are a great way to heal your gut, give you vitality and start your day off the right way. They are, in my opinion, slightly harsher than the fruity smoothies which taste like pudding in a glass, I feel they take some getting used to!


They are packed with nutrients, great for hydration, cleansing and detoxing too.

You can add any green veg to them with some nuts, water or plant based milk, try various combinations to see what you prefer.


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