Easy dairy and meat free lasagne recipe

Easy dairy free and meat free lasagne recipe, serves 6.


You will need:

Packet of lasagne sheets (these can be gluten free if you wish)

Tin chopped tomatoes

Bag of quorn mince (or vegan option could be green lentils)

2 large cloves of garlic

1 onion

Salt, pepper, chilli flakes, paprika, mixed dried herbs such as oregano, thyme, sage, marjoram etc (fresh works great too)

Coconut oil

1 Aubergine


Wild garlic oil ( any flavoured oil would work, even plain olive oil)

Flour, dairy free marg, nutmeg (optional), non dairy milk, kale, garlic clove, coconut oil for the topping and side serving.

Heat coconut oil in a large pan and add chopped onion, chopped garlic, paprika and mixed herbs, give it a stir and cook on a low light until the onions are soft. While this is happening slice the aubergine length ways in thin slices.

Heat some coconut oil in a frying pan and add the slices of aubergine to it, you want the aubergine to be soft and slightly coloured on both sides, give the slices a drizzle of wild garlic oil to give them a lovely golden colour when they are nearly ready to be taken out of the pan.


Wash your potatoes and halve them (if they are large) , put them in a baking tray with fresh herbs, thyme, sage, rosemary (not if you are pregnant) and lemon thyme are really nice with some coconut oil and bake them in the oven at 200 degrees.


When you are cooking the aubergine, add the quorn mince to the onions and let the herbs and spices coat the ‘mince’ for a minute, then add the chopped tomatoes and half a cup of water, enough to cover the mince in sauce. I sometimes add a grated courgette to bulk it up a bit and sneak some extra veggies into the teens, you can also add grated carrot too if you are cooking for more people.

DSC_0027 (1)

After your ‘mince’ is ready, put half of it into a big glass dish (or other baking dish), then put the lasagne sheets on top, add 1/4 of the mince on top of that and then lay your aubergine slices on top and finish with a layer of ‘mince’. Pop this in the oven while you make the dairy free bechamel sauce.


For the sauce you will need:

Non dairy marg

Flour (gluten free works great)

non dairy milk, I like oat milk or rice & coconut milk best

vegan yeast flakes ( if you don’t have any don’t worry, they just add a cheesy flavour)

Pepper or a pinch of grated nutmeg

DSC_0029Heat up the non dairy marg in the pan you cooked the mince in (saves washing more pots)

DSC_0030When the marg has melted add the flour, using a spatula squash the flour into the marg and mix round the pan, keep squashing and mixing until the flour and marg mix is like dough, the colour will change from looking greasy to dull when you have added enough flour, if the mix still looks greasy just sprinkle a little more flour, then squish and mix.

DSC_0032 (1)

Straight away as soon as the flour/marg mix is ready add the milk, you need to constantly whisk it to avoid it being lumpy, keep adding milk and whisking until is a custard consistency, keep it on a low heat, and stir with the whisk. Add the pepper or nutmeg now, and then (this happens suddenly and you need to work quickly) it thickens up, take it off the heat straight away, mix in 3 tbsp of yeast flakes and pour on top of your mince layers. You can sprinkle mixed herbs on top if you like. pop this in the oven to cook, give your potatoes a shake too to coat them in coconut oil.


I love to serve this with garlic kale, super easy, slice up kale (or any other green veg works as well) steam for 8 mins, add coconut oil and chopped up garlic, salt and pepper to the frying pan you used for the aubergines, slowly heat and then transfer the kale to the frying pan, mix it all around and cook on a low heat until just wilted


Ready to serve, tummies will be rumbling by now because it smells delicious! I get 6 large portions from this lasagne, so its perfect for a family, we save some and have it the next day for lunch.

DSC_0035 (1)


Serve it up, shout the family, give gratitude for your food and enjoy!


Your feedback is appreciated, could you follow the recipe OK?, what did you think of your lasagne?

hashtag #nwflasagne on instagram or twitter and I will share your posts!

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