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Help and advice on educating your child at home.

Home education to inspire in Portugal

Today I interviewed Clare a home educator, herbalist, Tipi maker and eco retreat facilitator from UK who moved to Portugal to live a dream life, mother to Tom aged 7 and Oscar aged 2.

claire mon3

How did you start home education?

We started home education because it had always felt right, we both come from ‘normal’ families and were both schooled right the way through those years, but neither of us follow ‘normal’ life now, I’ve travelled quite a lot, lived in a lot of different places and we live a pretty alternative lifestyle (some would say) I’m a herbalist, we make and sell Tipis, live in a straw bale house which we built ourselves, run pay what you want workshops on low impact living and straw bale building, grow our own veggies etc, and living these choices means we have been surrounded by like-minded people for a long time, many of whom home school, it’s been a natural progression, just something we have always known we would do, more than a conscious decision, I suppose it started from our eldest (now seven years old) starting nursery, the feeling I had was all wrong, he only went for a few hours a week, but it felt all wrong and just confirmed my feelings on him being at school five days a week all day everyday, and so homeschooling happened 😊 as life has rolled along its become reinforced that this is the right thing to do, when making and delivering the Tipis it’s given us the opportunity to travel around Europe together without the limitation of ‘terms’ we spend most of our time in Portugal at the moment at our farm where we run the pay what you want workshop projects and our sons (we now have two seven and two years old) are getting a massive learning experience from this, learning about new languages, cultures, food, weather, geography and of course building houses too! We could never do this if they went to a normal school.

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Home education to inspire you

Today I interviewed Antonia, a home educator, artist and printmaker from Lancashire, UK, and mother to Noah who is 5.


How did you start home education?

I can’t think of a pinnacle point, it was a long process for me to come to this final decision. I was certain I was going to home school but I did like the energy of the Maharishi Free School in Parbold so I put down his name for this and then whithnell fold as a backup just incase. I was called from Withnell fold a few weeks before school start date telling me Noah was 1st on the waiting list and he has a place, on the phone I hesitated to say, no thank you I’m homeschooling.

Where had my confidence and assertive belief in this decision gone? I had to give an answer by the next day. And in this time I was unsure, with that unsure energy I doubted myself and if I could give Noah everything homeschooling him on my own and just starting out self-employed? Would I be better getting my act together and a regular income together before I homeschooled him?

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Homeschooled teenager going to college

Before I went to college I was terrified. I practiced what I thought I wanted to do (which was art). But I was still terrified as I didn’t have any GCSE’s at all. My lack of GCSE’s made me fear that my maths and English skills are not good enough and that could prevent me from getting onto a course.
Then when it came to the time I went to the college open day in my area with my mum. And I’m not going to lie… I was shaking with fear. When we went into the college it was packed full making me even more scared. We went over to the table where the tutors who speak about art were and sat down. We asked about the tutors about the course and they said that I would have to bring in an art book and then take a maths and English test. I left feeling even more terrified.

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Are you connected to your food?

Ask yourself the question “How connected am I to the food I eat”?

I have found just chatting to people, not many are actually invested or connected to the food they eat, eating is a massive part of our lives, in the western world where there is an abundance of food, it is almost taken for granted that there will be food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That if you have the money you can walk into a shop or supermarket and have your pick of any food you desire, and that is where the connection has been lost, food from all over the world is sold, hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles from coming out of the ground to reaching your plate.

milesMap from here


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High levels of mercury found in flu vaccine

We have been against flu vaccines and the flu nasal spray now pushed on small children and the elderly for a long time. It is so much healthier and better for your body to use natural remedies, build a strong immune system so you are less likely to get ‘flu’ and realise that these companies are only in it for the money and not concerned with your wellbeing, in fact the more ill you become the better for the companies as you will end up taking more medications. The last time I was at the doctors is about 7 years ago, just before I started on our more natural journey.

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Introducing homeschooling mum Lou Lou

My name is Lou Lou Pulford and I homeschool my three beautiful children aged 4, 6 and 8 (and another little boy on the way in Jan). My husband works full time in Alzheimer’s research and I work at home as a freelance writer and storyteller. I also make merino wool dreadlocks and other little crafty bits and bobs which I sell online.
lou lou

Tell me why did you start homeschooling?
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