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Learn why being grateful for what you already have is good for you.

Best morning routine for health

What do you do when you wake up?, do you jump out of bed, rushing round to get ready, not really living in the moment but thinking more about the day ahead and what work you have to do? STOP!, wait a minute. This is no way to start your day, if you want a wonderful life filled with happiness and health you need to adopt a better routine.


So what is my morning routine?

Without fail, even if I have had a really crappy sleep I wake up and thank the universe that I am alive, I never used to do this but a few months ago in the middle of the night one of our dogs started being sick, I leapt out of bed, scooped him up (to take him to the bathroom) but because I was half asleep and dizzy I fell backwards onto the bed (thankfully my bum hit the mattress first) and whacked the back of my head on the solid wooden bed surround. In that moment I realised just how lucky I was to be alive, I was millimetres of the sharp edge of the wood, it could have been a fatal fall. We take it for granted we will wake up tomorrow, so I am thankful every day now.

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My hopeful wish for you!


Hope, a funny word when said aloud, one that gives a feeling of comfort of better things to come. I hope you give love, unconditional love in bucket loads, I hope you treat and get treated in a way which is for your highest good, I hope you get to feel rain on your face, get to see the first buds of spring peeping through the ground, get to hear the morning song of the birds, get to feel a baby’s soft hand or a warm, cosy paw. I hope you feel rich and abundant in life and experiences. I hope you feel confident being the perfectly lovely you. I hope you know how much you mean to someone. I hope you know you are loved.

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Are you connected to your food?

Ask yourself the question “How connected am I to the food I eat”?

I have found just chatting to people, not many are actually invested or connected to the food they eat, eating is a massive part of our lives, in the western world where there is an abundance of food, it is almost taken for granted that there will be food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That if you have the money you can walk into a shop or supermarket and have your pick of any food you desire, and that is where the connection has been lost, food from all over the world is sold, hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles from coming out of the ground to reaching your plate.

milesMap from here


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You can be happy and abundant


How many people woke up today and had to drag themselves out of bed, get dressed in clothes they wouldn’t normally wear and don’t feel comfortable in, drive/get the train/bus early in the morning whilst half asleep to get to a destination they don’t like going to, to be there for 8+ hours, eating and drinking when told they are allowed to, asking permission to go to the toilet, acting in a certain way to ‘fit in’ whist looking out of the window wishing they were somewhere else. Doing this for 6 days a week, to get money to pay for things they don’t need but they think they should have because society and the media have brainwashed them into believing they would be happier and more fulfilled with the items, working for 48 hours a week (not including the wasted time travelling back and forth) to get money to save up to get 2 weeks off a year on holiday so they can ‘relax’.

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Do what makes you happy


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Do you know how important it is to love yourself?


Do you know how important it is to love yourself?

Not in a big ego “I’m so pretty” way, I mean truly loving yourself from inside out. Your body is amazing, think about that for a minute, think about how all the organs inside you are working in harmony, how your strong heart beats, how your lungs work so you can breathe. How each day you can walk, talk, see, hear, feel, taste and you are alive!!

Be grateful for your amazing body.

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