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Are you aware of the toxic chemicals contained in cosmetics and toiletries?

Top 10 tips to enhance your health

” The European Union has admitted that 99 per cent of the volume of chemicals on the market are inadequately regulated, 21 per cent of Europes highest volume chemicals have no safety data publicly available and 86 per cent have less than the minimum amount of date publicly available to make even a basic safety assessment”

Taken from World-Wide fund for nature website

plastic labels

To help you on your way to living purer without toxins I have compiled a handy top 10 tips guide to enhance your health for you to browse through, if you can do all 10 then you get an A star but seriously even changing one thing makes you awesome and on your way to detoxify your body from years of nasty chemicals.

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Fluoride poison in our water?

I have just seen the news about the government here in UK considering rolling out Fluoridation across the UK, based soley on the standard Government line ‘Fluoride Strengthens Teeth’

Click here to read the petition to stop it happening.

Sodium fluoride is used in rat poison, toothpaste and pesticides, it is used to ‘dumb’ down society, Watch this video to find out more.

fluoride bookThere is also this really informative and eye opening book available. With the narrative punch of Jonathan Harr’s A Civil Action and the commitment to environmental truth-telling of Erin Brockovich, The Fluoride Deception documents a powerful connection between big corporations, the U.S. military, and the historic reassurances of fluoride safety provided by the nation’s public health establishment.

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Reusable menstrual pads FDA charges $4,000 a year fee


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I am appalled by what I read on Natural News today. Really what is the world coming to? land of the free – my arse!!

(Story by Daisy Luther, republished from, with additional editing by Natural News and Naked wild and free)

The FDA has decided that reusable menstrual pads[1] are Class I Medical Devices. That means those who manufacture these products must pay an annual fee of THREE TO FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS to continue doing so. Not only must these ladies armed with sewing machines pay taxes on their income, they must pay a charge to the FDA to continue making a living this way. FDA Regulation #884.5435 states that a reusable menstrual pad maker must be “FDA compliant” — which means they must pay a yearly registration fee of $3,646 to remain in business for 2015 and a fee of $3,872 for 2016.

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Dangers of fake bake tanning


As the festive season is quickly approaching, Fake Bake mobile tanning units are popping up in my town and I guess in yours to. You can also buy the stuff online to tan yourself at home. Popular with celebrities, they have been deemed by the media and tanning salons as ‘a healthier way to tan’, they big them up by saying ‘Fake Bake uses botanical ingredients and advancements in their products have allowed them to remove ingredients such as parabens and artificial preservatives from their tanning products’. Ohh you think, they must be OK, in fact a local representative said

“Fake bake is suitable for anybody, young or old, is also safe to use if you are pregnant ( after 12 weeks) all skin tones, and can be used on many different skin conditions, with no irritation.”

Lets dig a little bit deeper, as I always advise you all to do with any product you are putting on your skin.

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What are you putting on your baby?


babyDid you know, an average bottle of Johnson’s baby shampoo contains:

Ingredients: Water, PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine,Sodium Trideceth Sulfate, PEG-150 Distearate, Phenoxyethanol, Glycerin,Citric Acid, Fragrance, Sodium Benzoate, Tetrasodium EDTA,Polyquaternium-10, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Hydroxide,Potassium Acrylates Copolymer, Yellow 6, Yellow 10.

Let’s break these down into what they exactly are, remember the bigger the amount of ingredient the nearer the top of the list

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All about Thyme and how amazing it is!

I love herbs!

I use them in cooking, in remedies, in potions for the bath and skin, I love infusing them in oil and drying them for winter, I have a cracking collection now which has been easy to build up over the past few years. My favourite is always Thyme, this grows year round even when it’s snowing and doesn’t need drying out to store, it’s also very hardy, can last for days without watering even in hot weather, grows well in shade and poor soil too although I like to put my coffee grounds on the soil for an extra boost and comes in all different types, I have lemon thyme ( which hasn’t grown as abundantly as I would like) and English Thyme.


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The benefts and many uses of coconut oil

We love coconut oil here at NWF, it really is the bomb!

We use it in cooking, on our skin, hair and oil pull with it too. Check out these handy posters for more uses and benefits. If you can buy organic coconut oil as its more pure.

coconut oil

How great and all from a coconut!

We also use coconut milk in curries, puddings and it is especially nice with porridge.


Its one of the best fats to cook with too as it doesn’t turn rancid when heated either.

The dangers of shaving foam

Lets look at shaving foam, something that men may used daily, women use it too on their legs frequently. It is considered normal to buy it!

There are plenty of famous brands that promote shaving foam for sensitive skin, and say things like “it’s kind to your skin”.

Unfortunately the public have been brain washed again into believing the lies large body product companies tell.

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Top 4 versatile herbs to grow

We love herbs here at Naked Wild and Free and have a lovely collection growing in our garden but we tend to keep going back again and again to the same few for cooking, medicinal purposes and to use on our bodies, garden and home.


Herbs are valued for their flavour, scent and healing properties. When you grow your own herbs you will save a lot of money and enjoy the benefits of having them at hand just by your kitchen. They are so versatile too!

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Natural remedies to heal Urinary Tract Infection (Cystitis)

Instead of reaching for an over the counter remedy or getting prescription drugs for your cystitis check out these natural remedies first:



Cranberry juice:

This is probably the most popular remedy.  Some studies have found that cranberries contain compounds that seem to inhibit bacteria from infecting the lining of the urinary tract. In order to get benefit of this you must consume pure unsweetened cranberry juice 1 ounce diluted with 7 ounces water drunk 3-4 times a day helps clear infection.

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