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I am so pleased to bring you another inspiring,

alternative life interview, introducing Anita Kaiser.

Please tell our readers a little about your life, where are you currently living, what you do?

These days I live in Hamilton Ontario which is the known as the City of Waterfalls but also has quite a gritty side having come up as a Steel Town.  I’m a yoga teacher, Reiki healer, as well and Business/Life Coach.  I’m a big believer in the things that hold you back in life will also hold you back in business if you don’t clear them.  We all came to this place to live in joy and instead we so often hold ourselves in that space of not good enough.  I like to help people lessen that energy and more into a freer, happier, easier place.  In my coaching I tend to pull from all sorts of training to create this shift.  I’m also a bit of super foods pusher because I know what a difference that has made in my life and the life of my family.
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I love that you are homeschool mum, please tell us more about that, what made you decide to HS, do you follow a routine?

I currently also home school my one daughter.  She’s 11 now and we have had her home for 3 years.  We started off homeschooling but then circumstances changed (as they often do) and we had to send her to school.  After a few years in the system I could see how little she was learning and how much decompression time she needed each day after being in school.  As soon as we were able to – I pulled her out again.  I’m not that fussy about curriculum per se – I’m much more a fan of following her interests since what I really want my daughter to have as she grows old is not the ability to follow directions but the ability to follow her heart.  To find inspiration and the desire to grow on a continued basis as she continues to age.    We recently traveled to Mexico for a World Schooling conference and through this I’ve become even more inspired to support her learning in an unconventional way.  There was definitely a process of de-schooling that we went through when my daughter first came back to learning at home.  It’s a challenge to break free of some of the pressures that we feel in society on how to do things.  I wouldn’t be able to walk this path without some really great support around me of like minded folks – since my family and the world at large don’t all agree on the methods I’ve chosen.

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What was one of your most defining moments in your life?

Probably one of the biggest defining moments of my life was an early relationship I had that ended with my partner moving out while I was at work (unbeknownst to me)  – it really shook everything I knew up and changed the way I viewed situations going forward.  I think after I recovered from the initial shock that was when I started to really take ownership of how I wanted my life to be, made choices that were going to make me happy, satisfy my needs, and provide the life I wanted rather than what others expected or society deemed appropriate.

How do you spend your down time?

I spend my downtime doing a variety of things…..from hiking our beautiful Bruce Trail, to creating art, enjoying a yoga class, or reading a good book.

Favourite book you would recommend to our readers?

I’ve read a ton of really incredible books over the years but definitely one of the big ones that created a deeper shift in my life is Anastasia.  I have always been an eco girl who loved the earth deeply and feel connected to all living things but this book and then entire series helped open me up to more possibilities and opportunities.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

Travel is such a huge part of our lives – and after meeting so many amazing people at the World Schooling Conference we are continuously scheming and conversing about ideas to invite more travel in.   If we could travel anywhere we would definitely embark on a round the world trip to experience all the amazing cultures and lifestyles that the world has to offer.  Probably started with Thailand.
Anita Kaiser

Any top tips the readers should know before embarking on this lifestyle?

One of the biggest things I’ve learned as I traverse deeper down the rabbit hole is that only I know what’s best for me and my family.  Other’s will tell me what they think and often spend lots of time trying to convince me that mainstream is better but I know that I’ve done my research and I am comfortable in my decisions.  I am also very careful of steering clear of some of the fear that gets pumped out via tv, news, etc…..when I feel myself faltering I always take some quiet time to reconnect with my inner knowing and go from there.
If you want to learn more about Anita  and her lifestyle check out her blogs.
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