A series of vegan and holistic wellness charts

I love charts, yeah I’m a bit sad like that, I think I learn better in pictures rather than reading loads of words so when I was seeing if the lovely Rachel from One part Gypsy had had her baby yet I found this brilliant post she had done:

“If you don’t know about Matthew Kenney Cuisine, they are a cutting-edge culinary academy based out of Santa Monica and own several raw and vegan restaurants across the country as well. We just finished this series of educational graphs for their online program-a project has has not only been super fun, but informative too!” Rachel from One Part Gypsy

A series of vegan and holistic wellness charts for Matthew Kenney Cuisine’s nutritional programs.

raw_plant_food pyramid_by_rachel_hart__of_one_part_gypsy_for_matthew_kenney



nut_seed_soaking_guide_by_rachel_hart__of_one_part_gypsy_for_matthew_kenney seed_legume_grain_sprouting guide_by_rachel_hart_of_one_part_gypsy_for_matthew_kenney




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