What are toxins and how to avoid them

After an influx of new readers (hello you beautiful souls) I thought it would be good to tell you how NWF came about and why we live without toxins and how you can get started on your journey to a purer life free from toxins and find out how to avoid them.

So what’s my story?

Well I will explain how it all started a few years ago. My eldest son James was diagnosed with some kind of autism, ADD and dyspraxia. The doctor was rather vague about this diagnosis and to be honest not very helpful but she was quick to prescribe a ‘cure’ in the shape of Ritalin. I had already read about the effects of Ritalin and other medicines given to children with ADD and ADHD, I knew the outcome wasn’t good all types of side effects including death!

I didn’t want my child on this horrible mind numbing medication but also didn’t want to live with someone who flipped out, had major anger issues, was violent and had no sense of danger. So I did the only thing I could and researched other options, I was surprised how much there was out there to harm our minds and bodies, many of which are in our foods and all have been passed by the food agencies and government as perfectly fine to consume.

I was shocked, outraged and felt overwhelmed by it all. I spent hours, days and weeks on the internet, reading books and researching all the different chemicals, additives, toxins, preservatives, E numbers, MSG, dairy, gluten, colours, flavourings, fillers, caffeine and much more.

I quickly realised it was not just my sons diet that had to change but the whole families diet and lifestyle.

The first time I went shopping I had a list of good and bad ingredients, I picked up the first thing we normally ate, I looked at the ingredients on the box, over half was on my bad list, put back the food and carried on to the next thing, guess what?, yes your right, again it was full of dodgy stuff, it took me over 2 hours to do a small shop which normally would of taken 20 minutes, I went home and felt like crying, it was so overwhelming, I thought we can’t eat anything ever again, the few things I found we would soon be bored of.  But I was determined to carry on and persevere for the sake of my children.

The more I went shopping the easier it became, I noticed a change in James’ behaviour, he had calmed down and didn’t have violent outbreaks, his concentration improved and it wasn’t just wishful thinking either, if he went to a friends and ate other things we didn’t have any more his memory was really bad, he got snappy and moody and without him saying anything I knew he had eaten something he shouldn’t.

It was a hard time because the more you research the more you find out and it slowly creeps from food into household cleaners, body care, make up, pet food, even decorating your home, everything you know is full of toxins. It is not just about what you eat but how your home is, your work, your pets, your whole life. I have spent more hours than I care to imagine researching all these things, I won’t bore you with the process or how many websites I have visited, how many books I have read or conversations I have had with companies about the toxins in their products, but just know I will never get those months back! I will just say even though I am not a ‘professional’ I have lived and experienced it and want to share this knowledge on an easy level so others can choose a different way to live and have a choice when it comes to children’s behavioural issues. Even if a family member isn’t classed as having an issue or illness it will still benefit you and your family to live purer. I use the word ‘pure’ instead of ‘healthy’ because I know sometimes the seemingly healthy foods are not all what they are made out to be. Also I think sometimes the word healthy is associated with diets and cutting out foods to lose weight, this is not what this website is about at all.


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